Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ice-Breaking & Telematch Session.

Thank god i have someone to fetch this morning ! Huiyun called me and ask if she needs to fetch me since she's fetching a friend staying 2 houses away form my house. Loll i don't have to cycle ! I'm so freaking happy. 

We went to Utar and park our car and guess what i don't know how Huiyun drove all her way from Ipoh to Kampar and she doesn't even know how to park a car. The excuse she gave me is, she don't drive auto but manual so she's not used to auto car yet. Haha i parked the car for her . 

We were divided into groups and i was in group 5. Everyone there was talking in chinese and i don't even understand a single word like wtf. -.- I don't know anyone in my group so yea, i was so quiet for the first time .

There were a few stations for us to complete. I don't really remember what station do we have there but i will try to name out a few . The first station is the balloon throwing station. Where you have to throw the water balloon to the other side of your members. Loll we lose in this station. So i don't really remember what station is the next. The station i most remember is the Human Knot station. Haha. We were the fastest group in HISTORY that can untied the knot. Actually we do cheat a lil bit. Ssh. 

My back and hair was fulled of flour threw by some seniors. Gosh. We went for the prize-giving stuff. We went quite good in communicate with each other. Finally, i made some friends. Some were from Sabah, Johor , Melaka and others. Haha. Those guys in our group were really funny. Non stop joking around. :) We named our group HI-5 . Haha. Oh yea, i met with a B-Girl from Sabah. B-Girl Akio, Illusion Breaker. She's in the same group as mine.

After everything ended, Huiyun fetched me back and i went for a nice cold bath to clean all the stupid sticky flour form my body. After all the squeaky clean body, Bibo came and fetched me with Chris and we went to have our lunch and we went for Snooker . Lol. After snooker i went back to Utar for the Campus tour. Met up with Akio and friends. Akio and I went for some dancing session. Walau eh, her breakdance is just so awesome. Wth i feel so so so 'zi bei' . :(

Went back and wait for Bibo come and fetch me . We went for dinner together and went to Maxbreak for a snooker game. Later on went yum cha again. Chris came my house and overnight . Loll.

This is our Hi-5 group ! :D

Friday, May 28, 2010

The day i came back to Kampar.

Okay this is it . I'm here on 31st May 2010 to write about what happened on the 28th and 29th of May. Haha.
Parents fetched me back to Kampar on the 28th. We went to Jusco first before departing . Just to buy a black leather shoes, just in case i need it for presentation . We actually argued because i don't want to buy a woman's leather shoes. Come on, do you think i will wear so girly and womanly ? -.- No i won't. So we ended up empty-handed and go to Kampar. We stopped in Tesco, Kampar to have a look at leather shoes again. We went to Bata and finally i bought one. I'm so tired in arguing so i let my mum to choose but must not be too womanly. Ahh whatever . Dad bought a big fan for me ! Yay ! :)

Went back to my room and mum started packing stuff for me and bro started to build or whatever the shirt rack for me. Thanks bro. After everything has done, we went to have some tea time . After tea time, dad fetched me back and they went back Ipoh. Seriously, i miss them alot. :( Even i feel so frustrated whenever my dad message me almost everyday. But still, i miss them lots. I really wanted to go back to Ipoh and stay with them . Sighs .

Bibo called me and asked me to yumcha with her and one more friend. So i cycle to A Station and meet her in her working place, a phone shop . So we talked talked and i went to A Station for some game. Then we went to fetch Chris, she's from Ipoh, MGS too. Loll. We went to Gold Label and chit chatted . After that, we went back.

The following day is the Ice-Breaking & Telematch session !

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Weather in Kampar is fucking killing me !

I already spend two nights staying alone in Kampar. All i can tell is, i fucking hate the weather there pls, Seriously the weather is fucking killing me ! I'm gonna sweat till death now. Freaking hot i tell you. Almost everyday i have to wear singlet and go out. And almost everyday i have to bath for more than twice wtff.

Alright skip that part and jump to my first orientation day . I have sleepless night during my first night there. Slept and woke up almost every hour. So decided to just wake up and spend my time watching movie. Went to have a cold bath that morning. After bathing, Shana came to my house and we cycle to the Ktar and to Utar. Just for fun. We went for the orientation from 8.00am to 12.30pm. Gosh just imagine how boring . -.-

After 12.30pm i cycled back and Puimun came and fetch me for lunch with Evon and Vilminn. We went to a cafe . Walau eh, service like f . Seriously damn dulan that day . But then the chicken chop damn affordable. Quite big set. Hmm. But then only i ate because all of them cancel their order. We wait like for an hour. -.-

After lunch i fetched Puimun, Evon and Vilmin using Evon's car. Then went back and have a nap. After my nap Vilmin called and we went to The Cue for a snooker game. Then we went and fetched them . After that we went back to their house and chit chatted. We went to pasar malam that night. Loll freaking song pls. Bought alot of stuff to eat.

After pasar malam i borrow Evon's car to go to A Station, a cyber cafe with Min and Min Jie. We went xdo-ing. Loll. After that we went and fetched Evon, Puimun and Kam Heng to my house. Then we have party there la of course. At first, we played Hotel626. Loll not scary at all la actually. Then we played cards. Mckie came.

After that, everyone went back. I went yum cha with Mckie until 4 something. Met with Thomas and Terrence. Thanks Terrence for the supper. Loll. Went to Evon's house and sleep. Woke up at 10 something today. Then Puimun fetched me back to my house. Was waiting for the repairman to come and fix my door. After that went to lunch with them again. After lunch, we came back to Ipoh. Loll.

And i'm going back to Kampar tomorrow. =p Sighs i can't go to Barroom tomorrow night. =(

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Kampar, here i come !

Alright, i'm going to Kampar to further my studies real soon. I mean like later ? Yeah, i'm going to Kampar later. I packed all my stuff and getting ready to head to Kampar for my new life there. Sighs.

Actually, i don't feel like going anywhere except in Ipoh. I dont know why but i want Ipoh so badly. I just dont want to be far from my parents. Sighs. Maybe it's because i'm already used to it. I'm scared that i will get homesick . Seriously . I really wanted to stick to my parents and of course my own room. I'll be spending 4 years there but then i will come back whenever and how often i can . :)

Phew. Luckily, there's few friends that i know that is going for the same uni and same course as me. So now, at least i have friends there with me so i won't feel so alienated there. Haha. Don't worry peeps, i won't forget you guys in Ipoh especially my best friend, DoubleV's members. HEHE. You all are my forever friends k ? :)

And this part is specially for my girlf. <3 

Hey baby. I dont know whether are you reading this or not . I just wanna let you know. No matter how far (i know Kampar and Ipoh is not really far away)  we are, i'm not just gonna leave you k baby ? Dear, you don't have to worry anything k ? I am really touched yesterday for the things you had gave me. I didn't really showed that i'm touched because i really don't know what reaction and expressions i should give. I really like that thing. Baby, i never expect you will do such a lot of work for me . Thank you baby. 

Hun, i'm really sorry that i always feel that you're not good to me and stuff. I'm really sorry. I can't control what my mind is thinking and what my brain is asking my feelings to feel it . I just can't get rid of the past baby. I'm really sorry. But then, i really still love you . 

I received your message last night when i was asleep. I won't leave you k baby ? You don't have to worry nothing . Just wait for me to come back k ? I will spend my time with you when i come back. Baby, you won't leave me too right ? I will open that envelope according to the month k ? I wanna see how much you surprises me. =p

Thanks baby for everything. I love you and you know i do . Take care baby. Don't go kao zai k ? If not i dont want you jor. =p I love you wifey. <3

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Zee - I'm easy but lonely.

I can tell you that she's the best and the most handsome and successful tomboy in Asia. I posted about her last time in my old blog . Her name is Zee Matanawee Keenan. She's a mix of Indon and British blood . She started to be famous when she entered model search competition . Surprisingly, she's in the guy category but not the girl category. I guess Thailand are not so in discrimination of gender and sexuality than in Malaysia. I think they even support Gay and Lesbianisme which i think is awesome . I would like to be part of 'rainbow' . Heh.

Now Zee is out with her new single album . I found out that there's only one song in her album. -.- okay, it's pretty weird but nevermind. Check her mv out. From all angles, top side-to-side below, she doesn't look like a girl at all. Aww i fell in love with this tomboy. Hehe. Admire. <3

So this is it. This's her mv. You can download her song in Youtube. So far, she's the best tomboy i'd ever seen in my entire life . Okay if  you guys are hateful towards tomboys then you can just click on the X button on top at the right side and get the hell out of my blog. ;) 

I'm in my mood for KwonIn (Gain & Kwon) again.
I'm watching We Got Married from Episode One again. I have no idea how many times i watched it again and again. Heh. 
I'm waiting for Episode 26 ! Aja aja hwaiting ! ;)

Dance Steps

I wanna learn all this dance . Especially Without You by 2PM . I already know the chorus part. Now learning the first verse and others. I have a wish which i already abandoned for years. I really wanted to do a few dance covers and upload it in Youtube. I dont know why but this is one of my wish . It's in my wishlist until now. But however, i dont really have the chance to do one. Because i always can't finish learning the dance steps.

The more i learn the more i discovered i have no talent in dancing . I am really sad because from young, i already started to love dancing . But then i dont have the chance to go to a dancing school and learn dancing . I started learning dancing by myself through the only video streaming media, Youtube. I started learning how to pop and breakdance . I learned breakdance from my bboys friends. All this while i never learned or never know how to footwork . I only know common stuff like baby freeze and i only know one powermove, Windmill. And now it sucks.

It's been a while since i stopped breakdancing. Sighs. I dont know why i give up dancing so easily although i really love dancing and performing. But until now , i still practice dancing at home. Just a little bit. I'm more into Kpop style of dance nowadays. I love their choreography . It's awesome !

Without You - 2PM

Wedding Dress - Taeyang ( Wawa Dance Academy )

Bonamana - Super Junior

I found a few picture of me breakdancing. Heh. Let's have a look. Quite a time . ;( 

Is there anyone out there who wanna do a dance cover with me ? Without You dance cover. ;) 

Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye

Big Bang - Tell Me Goodbye

Letting you go...(here's somebody...)
Letting you go...(here's somebody...)
Yo I got this, yeah
still thinking about this thing alot
you got me shaken up
(Please tell me there's a way)
And it got my head just spinnin' round round round round
(Please tell me there's a way)
Don't wanna take a fall
It's best to break it up
It's gonna be better for you, move on
(Please tell me there's a way)
Uh huh we break it break it
Or thought we make it make it
And now we cover it up

Girl I swear I won't even for a second
cause you any pain
in order to protect you
there's already no other way

Baby our love itself brings us pain
And I got nothing, nothing to say

Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye
those hands that embraced me
Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye
seem to be letting go
if forgetting me will give you freedom Baby
Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye

Girl you know when you lose your smile
I will place the blame on myself
Those words, and even the light
I will lose sight of everything else

Baby the moment our lips part this time
I'll never find better, better than you

Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye
those hands that embraced me
Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye
seem to be letting go
merely being by my side is not kindness Baby
Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye

Yo and it's so, so
Sad it just ain't happening
Wish it could be better
Sorry to scrapping
But I just can't let ya
To be less than happy
I said look at me
I couldn't live with myself seeing you lacking
The things you deserve
Baby you was superb
Best believe that it hurts
That bleeds this word
I feel the aching through my body
it just takes a bigger part of me
to be let you go
I wish that werent so

your voice, pained and fading away, away...
erased completely by the wind, stay, stay...

all these things, I can't take it, those tears, don't cry for me
for your sake I'll never look back again

Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye
those hands that embraced me
Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye
seem to be letting go
merely being by my side is not kindness Baby
Tell me goodbye, tell me goodbye
Tell me goodbye

Double V + Friend's Gathering Dinner

 Went for a gathering dinner with Double V's members and friends too in Station One last night . Miko and Boon  reached there before i do . Was abit late because my dad overslept. -.- Reached there and have fun playing Tap Tap Revenge with Miko using her Ipod Touch. Now i feel like buying an Iphone because of the games. Heh. And that stupid Tap War is such a hard game. Loll hand also become numb after some time tapping it with Boon. A game which is that Tug of War game. Haha.

Chia reached and we chatted . There comes Double V Venis and Double V's manager, Christina Teng . Loll. We ordered our food . I had a Chicken Chop and Ribena for my dinner. I think we are the noisiest among all tables in Station One. And i think Station One is polluted with our Double V virus . Heh. <3

After we finished our dinner, we relocated our place . We thought of ordering some beers and had a game of Jenga. But then , Station One doesn't provide that block of woods. So we went off to Olivenz. We ordered a bucket of Heineken and played the Jenga game. Loll. People who make the blocks fall off gotta drink . Loll .
But then we drink when we are not even losing .

After the game, we head off to Barroom since Miko wanna have a look and feel the feeling of clubbing while Venis went back . We went there and have a walk and it was quite boring because the atmosphere hasn't even started yet . Loll. We went to ABC to ta pao a 'kam kat' drink for Miko because she looks drunk. Heh.
She even vomited at the drain beside ABC. Loll i have the pic here but i don't think of uploading it here. So awful. =P

After vomiting we went back to Station One. We stand and talk loll. Then Yvonne came. We talked. And then Mckie, Edward and Hong came too. Lol. All of them went back while Yvonne and I went to ABC to have some talk. So spend some time with them before joining Mckie and them for a dota game. ;)

Pictures are not with me so i guess i'll upload it some other time. ;)

Dota dota dota oh dota


Ahh i fucking love DotA nowadays gosh . I'm so like addicted to it . And ok, since i'm a newbie i'm a noob. I always got fuck in Garena . Lmao . Fuck till like damn fucking geng those type. And come on la ppl, don't tell me you guys never noob before ? Why can't just stop fucking and start teaching ? Giving tips ? Damn.

Even all my friends also scold 9 ppl noob . I dont know for what. It's just a game la k ? You won't freaking lose in your real life and stuff . Okay la they say i will understand when i'm a pro and dealing with noobs. So i would just keep quiet now and start practicing . But i guess i won't be any good enough to dota. ;(
Every guys started dotaing for years and of course they are pro because they played non stop even my brothers too last time . -.-

I got some screenshots of me playing dota with AI . AI mode means versus computer la not real person .

Hmm . That is it . Loll. Went for dota with Mckie, Edward and Hong on Friday night and last night. I used this hero, the Lucifier ( Doom Bringer) . They told me this hero is very hard for me to use because i'm just a newbie . So i should start something easy like Skeleton King or whatever i dont know what it is called . Loll. 

And yea i always gg with Kevin in Garena. But then always got fucked. Loll. He teaches me how to farm and safe. But no one ever teach me how to buy and look for items for each hero. -.- I guess i have to do some homework on items. Even my brother asked me to practice as practice makes perfect. -.- 

Ahh someone please teach me how to dota and stuff. I wonders whether is there any Dummies for Dota. Loll.
I really wanna learn not to show off or what, i just wanna have a good game. I just wanna spend my free time dota-ing when i have nothing to do . ;( 

Thursday, May 20, 2010

20th May 2010 , i love you hun . :)

Hey dear, it's already our 1 year now . Hehe. Are you happy ? Of course you do right baby ? I can tell you that i do . Hehe . Hmm what can i say here ? Lol i don't think i have to say anything already baby . I already say all i want to you on the phone and in the message and of course a secret message in your inbox in Facebook. Hoho. :)

I know that almost everyday if you online , surely you will stalk my blog right ? Heh. So i guest you will see this post once you stalk me . Lol. So baby, take a look at the right side of my blog. Saw it ? Saw it ? Aww nevermind. I'll just post it up here in this post so you can see it clearly . Hehe.


I love you honey bee. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Nightmare of Elm Street.

Have you ever seen this man before in your dreams ? If you do, REMEMBER do not fall asleep or you will die in your dreams ! 

Alright, stop with the prank heh. Went for this movie, Nightmare of Elm Street in Jusco this afternoon with Chris, Miko and Boon. Just came back not long ago. Everyone keep asking me, "I thought that you are afraid of GHOST MOVIES ? " Okay i am afraid of ghost movies but this movie is a thriller kind of movie so it's not a ghost movie la ok ? Heh.

Just the beginning of the movie, people already start screaming . I won't say so detail about the movie here so you better and watch it yourself and feel the thrill in your body . Hehehe. All i can say is this movie really scares me alot . Not because of there's a ghost of what. But when Freddy appear so suddenly with the Dolby Surround System in the cinema , you will automatically jump up from your seat if you don't grab it tightly. Lol okay i'm just exaggerating here . But anyways, the surround sound is the one who thrill you the most . Yea the MOST. 

Half of the movie only i realized that Freddy is actually the Freddy in Freddy VS Jason . -____-


Actually i love Jason alot. I mean in this movie this serial/psycho killer . I wanted to buy a wax doll of him in KL once ago few years back . Loll. He's cool for me. Loll. Okay fine stop it . Arghh. Loll.

Only 1 thing i can say , before i leave my blog abandoned again . 

" One, Two, Freddy is coming for you "  * wicked smile* 

Go for it go go go before the show is completely wept out from cinemas ! 

Saturday, May 15, 2010


This is the night full of arguments again with my parents. Once my mum saw me wearing long pants , straight away she shoot me with words, " You going those kind of place is it ? Tell me the truth right now ! " Alright, i told her the truth. I never even planned to hide anything from her . And there she is, telling my dad i'm going to those pubs and disco, later on kena raid how ? Parents gotta cover their face to police station to bail their child out . 

Okay i'm really fine with this seriously. I stayed up in my room waiting for Mckie to fetch. I don't even wanna go down and argue with them . And then i start hearing stuffs coming out from my dad's mouth now. Saying that my friends are people who sell estacy pills and stuffs. I really can't take this seriously. I hate parents who judges my friend without even knowing what is the truth . Doesn't make any sense k ? 

And come on, Barroom, Lush, Houz and Barbeza are not those kind of Shuttle 8 type of lala-fied disco pls. Everyone inside there is not uneducated k ? Mostly some of them are even educated person driving nice car and maybe even a professional ? Did the law note that professionals and educated people doesn't allowed to step in a club ? Even my bro, a good son and of course a clever son even go to MOS, Zouk and others club in KL. Come on, have some trust in us that we won't take drugs and stuff.

And i even told them i don't even drink a sip of beer when i'm in the club. All i do is dancing and having fun. Okay i take that as raiding really is scary since we are all under age. But we know when is when . Okay fine. Mum even went to Mckie and even asked them not to bring me to club and stuff. What is this ? Frightening my friend ? 

Okay back to topic. Went to east and have my dinner in Fok Sing. Later on we continue our yumcha session in ABC. We even chatted there for like quite some time. Only we head to Barroom. We never even go in. All we do is sit outside Barroom and listen to the song. Until 2am. Just think of this. 

Nevermind at least i have fun with my friends, chatting with them. I'm glad that my friends are there for me, Mckie and Edward. :) 

Salary Oh Salary !

Woke up around 12 something and went to my room and saw them awake happily chatting on my bed. Loll. We chit chatted and look at someone's video and laugh so terribly and even acted like them in front of the laptop without the camera turn on. Hahaha. 

We even recorded a video entitled, How To Brush Your "Nice-White-Shining" Teeth by Mr. Lam Kei Yan in my official bathroom . Loll. Gonna upload this video in this blog and even Facebook so stay tuned for that laughing-your-ass-out video. :) 

Took alot of picture before going out . This is it ! 

There is more to upload i'm lazy . Hahahaha.

So we went to Parade after that. Went to 5G and hang for awhile. Took my salary and oh yea salary salary salary ! Heheheh. I love money. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ = LOVE.
Went to Kopitiam for our lunch and we have some shopping spree. Bought a black tee with Kyan. Shared with her. Loll. Dad came and fetch me and went back to watch Uber Cup's finals ! Korea won ! Oh yea ! Aja aja hwaiting ! :D

Tonight barroom ! :)

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jusco again .

Went to Jusco again in the afternoon with parents. To buy some stuff. While walking, we thought of buying those kind of formal attire for me for my future presentation in uni. -________- So we went to Padini since Padini have sales right now . Tried a few slacks and long sleeves shirts . I feel so bad for buying so many clothes and pants. ;( 

I bought 2 long sleeves shirt and a slacks and 2 polo tee and 2 shorts . Wtf wtf wtf i feel so bad lor seriously. I never bought such number of clothes at a time . Idk what's wrong with my dad, allowing me to buy this and that. I already call for a stop but still he keep choosing stuffs for me. Aww thanks daddy ! :) 

After all the shopping we went for lunch in Kahve opposite Timberland. Hmm the Lemon Citrus Chicken is delicious ! Yummy yummy ! :) Suave suave~ 
We went back and took a bath and was waiting Mckie to fetch again .

Okay we went to Jusco again at night. I went to Jusco 4 TIMES 2 DAYS IN A ROW ! I repeat 4 TIMES 2 DAYS IN A ROW ! Gosh. Went and accompany him to shop for shirts in PADINI again. Loll. After all the shopping we went and fetch Edward then back to East to meet up with Kyan and Yuen . Went to Barroom awhile just to have a look and a walk. Not even 5 minutes i'm in there, i'm already out of there . Loll. 

Came back and thought of updating blog but then spend time talking on the phone . Hehehe. Later on, Kyan called and told me that they are overnighting at my house. So ok. They came at around 2.30am and Kyan is already half-dead by then . Loll. They slept peacefully in my room while i'm in my parent's room sleeping on the mattress . Lol . 

Rock-a-by baby on the bed top, when the camera tick, the picture is captured. :) 

Thursday, May 13, 2010


Went to Kampar today to settle all my room stuff and offer letter . Reached there and went straight for lunch first . Hmm the Lemon Chicken Rice is nice and actually is at an affordable price for students in Kampar. The set meal only cost RM6.90 plus a free juice and without any tax or service charges ! 

Mckie came and look for me and after that went to orientation . Went to Utar to settle the payment and the offer letter . Until everything is finally settled, we head on to Westlake, Danish Home's office to book for my room . Wow, for Beijing's house, it's almost fully booked ! Thank god i'm there early and still, there's a few  room left but all single room . Went to have a look at the showhouse but dad prefer Beijing A that is facing the Westlake. So we finally booked the single room in Beijing A. I'm staying ALONE ! Wtf i'm so lonely lor its like. 

After all the booking has been done we went and fetch Mckie and then went back to Ipoh. We went to JJ straight away since there's the JCARD day. Bought alot of stuff for my kampar room . It's so packed in JJ. Gosh . After that fetched Mckie back and went back and took a bath.

Chris came to my house and was waiting for Mckie to fetch us to JJ for a movie. We watched Furry Vengeance at 11.10pm. After the movie, fetched Chris back and head back to Fok Sing to meet up with Brandon and SoonHong. Went back at around 2 i guess. Hmm.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day !

8th May 2010 :- 

Finally, i've nothing to do anymore since i stopped working. All i do is sleep at  4am and wake up at 4pm . Skipped lunch for times already, i think i'm gonna be thin soon. Heh. And all i do is online, movies, online, movies and online and movies. Gonna get bored with the internet life soon. 

At first, we actually planned to have a small gathering among our group of friends - Chris, Yuen, Kyan and Chia . But then at last, the plan is canceled due to some of them can't attend . Hmm. So i went to Jusco with B. Went walking around and used quite a time to think what to have for dinner. At last we went to Sushi King again, even B asked me, why everytime we will have our lunch or dinner in Sushi King ? -___________- I don't even know why actually .

Time in Sushi King was the best ! Laughing and laughing. And i even got poured by a plate of er idk what's that call anyways. Put alot of wasabi into B's sushi and forced her to eat it. But at last, i'm the one who ate a piece of wasabi. Only wasabi. And wtf, goddamn it, i cried. Haha. Took a few pictures . 

Went to the rooftop and have some talking there. Hmm nice surroundings, not. Lol. We talk talk talk talk talk. And there came rain falling on my head ~ So we went to East and look for Edward and Mckie. B went back quite early. Hmm. 

9th May 2010 :-

Celebrated Mother's Day today. Hmm. Happy Mother's day mummy ! Heheh i love you ! Gave mum RM50 for mother's day but she doesn't want it. =( We went for dinner in a restaurant in Greentown. I forgot what it's called. Dad paid for the dinner. Hmm overall, the dishes is nice . The chicken is nice ! Too bad they served two plates of pasta instead of one plate of Mexican rice because it's finished. =( I want rice. 

Happy Mother's Day ! :)

Original Mushroom Soup.

Ceaser Salad.
The Chicken omg ! *yummy*

The Pasta.

The Sea Bass. 

I love you mummy ! :) 

Saturday, May 8, 2010


I wanna go out ! I wanna drive ! I wanna go out ! I wanna drive ! x10000

Okay fullstop. Why is it when i stopped working, my dad sent the car to the workshop ? And why is it takes so long to paint a goddamn Wira. 3 weeks . I will be in Kampar already by that time. Dammnit. -____________- 

Ahh i feel so bored at home, sitting and onlining and sitting and er sleeping and er onlining. I wanna drive out wtf . I want my blue car back for god sake ! T.T 

I'm really tired of this . Ahhh i'm so tired keeping everything to myself and don't even dare to fucking voice out . Oh du9lan i tell you seriously i damn dulan already . Ah fml. Lgf ( Life get fuck ) .
Great, school will be starting in few weeks time, or maybe two weeks . 

I miss snooker !

Finally, today is my last day working in 5G . Seriously and honestly, sometimes i hate there but at times i really miss and love there. Many funny and happy thing happened in 5G . Hmm. I miss all my colleagues there . Seriously, they are fun to the ass man . Even we can get so close so fast with our new admin . 

I miss gossiping about one of our  colleague  bwahahaha ! He's a pain in the ass pls. He acts like he's a manager or whatever or someone superior than us . He walks like one of them. I don't get why must he fucking clip a stupid bluetooth headset on his collar. -___________-  We started gossiping few days ago. Honestly, i miss the times hmm . Oh yea, thanks to my boss for the bagpack. :) 

After work, went to Yeolde English at Greentown with Mckie and Edward . After having our dinner, we head on to D'Nest to drop Edward and thanks to Mckie for fetching me to JJ to meet up with Fenny and Chris . Walked around and decided to watch late night show, but too bad all went FULL

After that, we went to Station One and have a lil bit chit chat about our studies. Sigh, now i realize how much we have to think and get really annoyed about it . Hmm, luckily i already made my choice to further my studies in Foundation leading to Bachelor of Public Relations in Utar. 
Gonna get down there soon .    =(  I'll miss everyone in Ipoh. 

We went to Chris's home and have some chat session with her mum regarding her studies. Hmm, alot of confession i made to her mum . =p After that, Fenny dropped me in 7Club after received the call from Kyan . Went and have a game of pool . Hmm i prefer snooker more. =p

Kyan fetched me home along with a 8 years-old child 18 years old adult, Lipas and ball ball, Cherie. Came back and of course online la. If not ? XD Hmm, i see alot of thing in Facebook. I really don't know what word I can use to describe my feeling right now . Totally speechless. 

I tried alot of ways but none of it works . Sigh . Blame me for everything . Hmm . 

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random posting.

 i'm back today. Lol have nothing to do so don't blame me for updating nonsense up here. Heh. 
Just came back from Station 1 with Mckie and Edward. Sat there for hours i think. Before that, of course went to my favourite stall in Pasar Malam to get my favourite all time food - keropok lekor. Heh.

Next time, whenever u guys wanna bribe me or what, just bring me sate or keropok lekor. That's already more than enough. Lol. 

Okay, i just finished watching a video in Facebook posted and tagged by my bff, Chris. 
This is what i call a funny video O-M-G.

Click here. Idk whether u guys can click on it or not. -____-

I agreed with what the guy said, it's fucking true and maybe i'm one of them or maybe 100% . =P

Hahaha i'm going form6 wohoooo ! 

When everyday passes so quickly, it's time for me to realize how soon i'm leaving you, baby. 
Baby, i hope for nothing much, i only hope for this love and your true love to be with me.
I hope for no lies and all truth from you baby.
I love you baby. <3

Monday, May 3, 2010


Wtf i feel so lifeless now, fml . Suddenly, i felt so down and moody . Doesn't know what's the fucking reason behind it. 

I'm sad that Miko can't freaking join me in UTAR and she's joining Form6. What can we both do ? Nothing, her parents are like so strict and controlling over her life and stuff . I'm sad that i can't have fun with her in college . Sighs. =/

And one more thing, gah i don't even know how to fucking voice out. What the hell am i thinking ? Damn it . Fml please i beg you. Whatever, i'm out of here. 

Back in Action.

Yo guys, I'm back in action ! Oh well, i changed my blog link made a new blog . Hehehe. 
I have nothing much to update here since i'm quite lazy to write about the PAST
Since the last update on my old blog, many things had happened between me and people around me. So yea, there's alot for me to update if i'm gonna update it here. 

I can only update some to you which is not so private and confidential to be pass around in public.
  • I'm taking my foundation in UTAR - intake is on 31st May. Yea, i decided not to further my studies in IACT, PJ. 
  • I started wearing contact lenses since idk when. Lol.
  • Dad bought me a new laptop, Compaq. Thanks dad. 
  • My phone is out of control, thanks to me, myself. Hehe.
  • Got into an serious argument with my parents because of my hairstyle - my 3 brothers came involved and my sis-in-law and my brother's girlf. 
  • Everything is solved now, and i'm having a good and fun life now.
  • I'm currently addicted to snooker and yum cha with Munhon and Edward. 
  • I pierced my ear-bone, and it's hell swollen right now. 

Okay, i think this is it. Seriously, there's alot for me to write. So i guess i'll put a fullstop here. 
I went to the doctor last night due to a massive dizziness and vertico . Zzz.
Well, thank god, doc said there's nothing wrong with my ear drum or my balancing.

- Currently under medication and need alot of cares. =P