Friday, July 23, 2010

My queen said ......

This post is mainly all about my queen. She's bigger than the king, in sense of power. I updated my lonely almost dead blog because of the queen. She keep asking me to update my blog with posts of her. Lol. And of course i will update because i'm scared i'll get death penalty from her. Later kena pancung kepala. Lol.

Anyways, it's been so long since i updated my dead blog. It's all because of assignment, exams, test and the most annoying thing is the stupid damn connection. Seriously, i really wanna slap kick whack and fart at those people who uses pps in my goddamn house. Every single day i can't even freaking online until late night around 2am. Wtfff is this. I paid RM420 not just to have a shelter to sleep everynight and do nothing in the room. I need the goddamn connection you bloody bitches who uses pps.

You know why i wanna fart at them, because my queen keep saying fart fart fart fart fart. Loll. My queen said she likes fart. I can't sweat but i feel like sweating. =p My queen loves fart, especially my fart ! Hahahahahahahaahahahha ! Just joking baby. ;)

Oh yea my queen, i can't update and upload those sweet sweet candy taste alike picture yet, ;p
I'm in campus's computer lab now. Waiting the time to pass, waiting for your messages, waiting to go back to Ipoh to meet you and of course waiting to see you.

Hehehe, the more picture i took with my queen, the more i feel like we were meant to be. Hehehe.
Yiiiii why do we look so perfectly match !? Yiiiii i love my queen more and more and more and more and more - infinity. :)

Conclusion, the queen love the king. So do the king, my beloved queen. <3 I love you baby.

P/S : I'll upload and update the latest picture and latest news about us as soon as possible baby, :)

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I just wanna say ....

I just wanna say i really love you baby. I mean it. Every single word i said before i mean it. I'm really sorry if i shouted at you on the phone when we are arguing. I really don't like fighting and arguing at all. I'm really sorry if i went mad and start arguing with you with no reasons. 

I'm really sorry for what had happened on Saturday in stadium. I really don't mean it. I really feel left out that day . I just want you to at least sit next to me and talk to me. That's it. I'm really sorry baby. I know Titans are important to you. I understand it. I just want you to spend just a little time with me that's it. I'm sorry baby. 

Seriously, being with you whole day brings me a lot of laughter and smile . I really love being with you whole day and never feel bored. I love to go anywhere with you. Anywhere. I hope that we will still have chance to go somewhere again. Maybe after your SPM. I'll be here waiting for you baby.

All i want is just to stick to you. All i want is you to stick to me. All i want is just to tell you i love you. All i want is you to tell me you love me. All i want is just to hug you whole day long. All i want is you to sleep in my arms every single night. All i want is you to ask me to hug you in my arms every night. All i want is you to tease me. Teasing from you means alot for me. I feel the love in all your teasing. 

Baby, i really love you . I never ever feel like leaving you . I'm really sorry for what had happened today. I really don't mean to mention that word. I really feel sad and bad. I feel that i'm not a good boyf and a perfect boyf for you. I'm really sorry that i broke my promises that i don't even freaking realized it at first. I just wanna tell you, i won't hide anything from you and betray you. You're the only one i love baby. 

We cried alot tonight. Both of us. I talked about the past, not because i wanna compare or wanna make you feel bad. I'm not in the mood tonight and i'm really angry. I'm really sorry baby. I told you about the past because i wanted you to know what i exactly feel that time. No matter what happen, i still love you. 

Like what you said in the message just now. No matter what shits happen, you won't leave me. I won't leave you too baby. Trust me. I feel the pain in my heart when you actually said why you wanna leave me ? I miss you . I'm really sorry baby for keeping hurting you for times. Saying words are not supposed to say . I'm really sorry baby. 

All i wanna say is i love you baby. I mean it. I won't give up this relationship either. I'm really sorry for saying all those stupid words tonight. I love you baby, Syamimi. <3