Sunday, June 20, 2010


I really don't know what should i write lor . My queen asked me to update my blog so that she can know what's my daily life will be. Hmm. Baby, sorry k ? Cause i really don't have the time to update and in addition , my connection here sucks like hell. Like 100x sucker . -.- Grr.

Okay i'll start with my uni life la. Okay it's already been the third week for me in uni i think. Loll. Met alot of new friends. Hmm . I'm starting to get tired and worried about my studies. It's like kinda hard for me to read and do everything using the laptop. I didn't print those notes and tutorial questions out. I put it all in my laptop . But i feel that's not really a good thing. But i'm very lazy to go out and print. -.-

So how ? Teach me .

And yea, today is Father's day and also my 1 year and one month anniversary with my baby dear. Hehe. I love you baby. <3

I bought my dad a Hush Puppies's polo. Hehe spend RM80 for that polo. :) I hope u love it daddy. Parents and bro went to Thailand already and left me all alone in Kampar now. Grr. I wanna join in the fun too. =(
I wanna go dinner with my parents next week to celebrate belated Happy Father's Day ! :)

To Baby :

I love you baby ! Hehehe. I'd already told u everything i want to tell u on the phone and in the long long message baby. Hehe <3 I really really love you lor baby. =p

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Lecture Class.

I already start going to lecture classes starting on Monday . Woah, first time entering a lecture hall is completely different from entering a classroom. There were around 150++ people in the hall . So far, i'm already in Sociology, Economics, Critical Thinking and Basic English classes. The classes of my choice is during Economics and Basic English. 

Walau eh, the lecturers are like so damn funny and they makes the class feel the vibe and not the dullness by just talking and talking and talking and talking and talking and mumbling and mumbling and mumbling. -.- Economic's class is bigger than my Basic English class. Practically, we were divided into groups. In Basic English, there's only two groups. 

Notes and notes and notes everywhere. I haven't even download those notes from WBLE and print it . Gosh. I have to like copy and copy and copy. Arghh. Vtjen just asked me to bring laptop to lecture class so that we can download the notes and view it straight from the computer. We don't have to waste any trees actually. So i'll see how la. 

Oh gosh, there's one thing i wanna talk about . There's this guy from Brunei in my Basic English class who talks very cocky . Do you know what i mean by cocky ? Nevermind. Lol. This guy talk non stop in class and keep showing off his English. Okay, i know that you don't really know how to talk other language except for English . But can't you just like stop talking . -.- Freaking annoying pls .

Especially when he says this to the whole class. 

"Come on guys, come on don't be shy ! Come on guys. " 

" I think we should ask some secret of everyone that no one knows and reveal it today . " 

" Oh, i thought he's a guy *weirdy eyes looking at me* " 

Omggg. Okay maybe  you guys don't really feel like this is nothing but then this very annoying to me. Grrr. And he even volunteer himself as the class rep. Okay this mean nothing to me. I dont care. But then guess what he said. 

" But but .. I'm not responsible enough so yea. " 

Wth is that ? -.- 

Fine. Okay i'll stop here i guess. There's two pig sleeping in my room now on the floor. HAHAHA.