Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2PM Countdown Over! They're back for godsake.

Of what i read from, the boys releases their track list yesterday. If i'm not mistaken, their latest comeback will be STILL 2:00 PM with a remix single of I'll Be Back.

2PM ‘STILL 2:00PM’ tracklist:
- I’ll Be Back (JYP, Shim Eunji, Jo Jongsu)
- 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me) (Super Changddai)
- Dance Tonight (Bang Yuhyun, Park Sejun (Soul Connection))
- I Can’t (Lee Doohyun, a.k.a Ra.D)
- I Know (Jo Songsu, a.k.a Fame J)
- I’ll Be Back – Club mix (JYP, Tommy Park)\

This will be their tracklist for their latest comeback album. And get ready for their concept picture! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

2PM teases comeback on their official website!

Whoa, so it means 2PM gonna release their teaser according to the ticker in their official website?

2PM's Official Website

So according to the ticker, their teaser will be released on October 6th.
Highly anticipation on their new comeback! :)

Credit : allkpop. :)

Ga-In's Irreversible Teaser!

Finally, the day is just around the corner. Ga-In's first solo debut is just around the corner!
Of course, i'm highly anticipating for this day! I don't care how much her album will cost me or so on, me, for sure will get her original album. I want korean version not malaysia's album.
So i think i shall get someone from Gainism to help me in getting her original album from Nega Network. :)

So this is her teaser . :) Ga-In look so oh-hot baby! :)

Hwaiting unnie! <3