Wednesday, October 6, 2010

2PM Countdown Over! They're back for godsake.

Of what i read from, the boys releases their track list yesterday. If i'm not mistaken, their latest comeback will be STILL 2:00 PM with a remix single of I'll Be Back.

2PM ‘STILL 2:00PM’ tracklist:
- I’ll Be Back (JYP, Shim Eunji, Jo Jongsu)
- 니가 나를 떠나도 (Even If You Leave Me) (Super Changddai)
- Dance Tonight (Bang Yuhyun, Park Sejun (Soul Connection))
- I Can’t (Lee Doohyun, a.k.a Ra.D)
- I Know (Jo Songsu, a.k.a Fame J)
- I’ll Be Back – Club mix (JYP, Tommy Park)\

This will be their tracklist for their latest comeback album. And get ready for their concept picture! :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

2PM teases comeback on their official website!

Whoa, so it means 2PM gonna release their teaser according to the ticker in their official website?

2PM's Official Website

So according to the ticker, their teaser will be released on October 6th.
Highly anticipation on their new comeback! :)

Credit : allkpop. :)

Ga-In's Irreversible Teaser!

Finally, the day is just around the corner. Ga-In's first solo debut is just around the corner!
Of course, i'm highly anticipating for this day! I don't care how much her album will cost me or so on, me, for sure will get her original album. I want korean version not malaysia's album.
So i think i shall get someone from Gainism to help me in getting her original album from Nega Network. :)

So this is her teaser . :) Ga-In look so oh-hot baby! :)

Hwaiting unnie! <3

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kampar Stupid Fun Fair.

This is the most stupidest fun fair i ever go to. Right Leeyen, Shana and Clyde ? 

I got a car on that particular night. Hehehe i get to drive around. Thanks to WeiJie for lending his car for me for the whole half day. :) Thank you so much for putting a big trust on me. :)

We went to the Fun Fair and guess what, it's so fucking expensive but then it's lame. Every ride cost around 2 tokens, which means it's RM4 , a token RM2. -.- 

We tried the stupid haunted house, with us sitting in a train. And that's a very stupid decision we made. Grr. 
Wasted RM4 on that stupid ride of stupid house. Grr. But we enjoyed playing the bumper car. Hahah we made it as we were playing Flat Out 2 , the derby crash car ! HAHAHAHA. We crash till Clyde's car can't even move at all. HAHAHAHA. 

Lee Mun Hon a.k.a Kim Junsu - The Birthday Boy !

Okay Mr Lee Mun Hon, is one of my first guy best friend i had ever. He's a very best friend of mine. He's a good friend. Okay stop praising him before he get his nose high up till he can touch the moon. LOL. So yesterday was his big day ! He's 18 now and will be able to watched porn now onwards ! He told me he can have sex legally starting from yesterday. Haha. 

He's so happy that he's 18 but too bad there's few friends of mine, thought he was actually above 23 years old. Hahaha. Shana said he have FP (face problem) loll. Wtfff. So we went and bought a cake for him. And gave him a surprise. People who knows him should know la his attitude his reactions, damn dulan and no feel one. Damn emotionless lah him . Grr tak boleh show ada sikit happy wan isit. Lol.

We sprayed snow flakes on him and created a mini dick on his head and of course on his down there. Hey ! Wait, of course with his pants on okay ? Don't think so much. Grr. 

Dang dang dang ~ The birthday boy ! :)

Happy birthday Mr Lee Mun Hon a.k.a FP and Kim Junsu. :)

The birthday cake with a small spongebob on it !

Nah the snow flake dick made by me and Clyde. XD

Can't really see but it's an alphabet. YX. Yixin. <3

Grr too bad i never had any pictures with him before. Maybe we have but i forgot, or maybe we have with alot of people around or random picture. He don't like to take pictures. Oh yeah we have ! We took in Cameron. Lol but tak nampak muka laaaa. Grr tak pe. Next time sure got time to take one. Lol.



So, perhaps you guys are wondering what the fuck or what the hell is X9. Well, actually that's our tutorial group. I mean our group, our class ! Yeah, we have really funny guys in that class, quiet girls in that class and many more !

Nothing more to talk about but this is one of the best class i have compared to what i have when i'm in secondary. :) Still, my secondary school class is the best ! 4 & 5 Orchidians ! <3

The black day for all X9 !

Presentation and Radioplay.

Phew ! Finally, finally we finished up everything ! Last few weeks, we were like rushing our assignment until we only get to sleep for less than 5 hours a day . Then the next day, we have to go to classes and continue with our assignment once again. Finally oh finally ! Everything is over. Now we are just waiting for the time to pass for our final exam and then we will move on to our 2nd sem .

Hmm. I've already finished up my Sociology presentation, English Radioplay and Critical Thinking assignment. I think our far best presentation is our Critical Thinking presentation ! Hehehe i'm gonna talk about our presentation now. :)

For our Sociology presentation, actually i dulan abit la for this presentation. It's because my group mates chooses traditional clothes as our formal wear because our topic is Culture. I was like taken aback, and shouted WTF WTF WTF. Lol but at last yeah, i wore a baju melayu. Grr. There's picture of us. :)

That's our presentation group. :) 

So i'll move on to the next one. That's our English Radioplay. We were like scratching our head to edit the whole script done by one of our group mate. Seriously, dulan lor beh song lor. The whole script was actually about a mental hospital organized a talk show for one of the mental patient, Billy Wise who is in love in being a talk show host. Andrea, the Indian girl, is the one who wrote this script, and guess what, i think around 80% of the radioplay are all her lines. 

We have to edit and stuff but at last, we went into a conclusion of doing a new script. And yea, in one night, we created a new script till 5am i think. It was about a Durianland and stuff. Kinda funny and kinda lame. I'm gonna upload the radioplay here if i can. I'll try to make it into a video. :) Stay in and watched for that radioplay soon ! :D

And here we are. The most successful presentation of the semester, our Critical Thinking presentation. Our topic is about Transgender. Hehehe my favourite topic of all. Hehehhee. That's why i can present it well enough. HEHE. Only four of us in a group, Shana, Daphne, Sheng How and I ! 

We never get shoot by questions from the tutor but from Andrea, AGAIN ! Wtff  seriously, i feel like giving her a tight slap . She asked me stupid questions which i feel like slapping her again. She asked me whether i'm in either transgender or transsexual. Asking stupid question right ?

I never have my vagina remove or even my breast and i don't take male hormones too. So obviously, i'm not a transsexual. Wtf slap her kau kau . *slap her like a bitch*