Saturday, August 7, 2010

Lee Mun Hon a.k.a Kim Junsu - The Birthday Boy !

Okay Mr Lee Mun Hon, is one of my first guy best friend i had ever. He's a very best friend of mine. He's a good friend. Okay stop praising him before he get his nose high up till he can touch the moon. LOL. So yesterday was his big day ! He's 18 now and will be able to watched porn now onwards ! He told me he can have sex legally starting from yesterday. Haha. 

He's so happy that he's 18 but too bad there's few friends of mine, thought he was actually above 23 years old. Hahaha. Shana said he have FP (face problem) loll. Wtfff. So we went and bought a cake for him. And gave him a surprise. People who knows him should know la his attitude his reactions, damn dulan and no feel one. Damn emotionless lah him . Grr tak boleh show ada sikit happy wan isit. Lol.

We sprayed snow flakes on him and created a mini dick on his head and of course on his down there. Hey ! Wait, of course with his pants on okay ? Don't think so much. Grr. 

Dang dang dang ~ The birthday boy ! :)

Happy birthday Mr Lee Mun Hon a.k.a FP and Kim Junsu. :)

The birthday cake with a small spongebob on it !

Nah the snow flake dick made by me and Clyde. XD

Can't really see but it's an alphabet. YX. Yixin. <3

Grr too bad i never had any pictures with him before. Maybe we have but i forgot, or maybe we have with alot of people around or random picture. He don't like to take pictures. Oh yeah we have ! We took in Cameron. Lol but tak nampak muka laaaa. Grr tak pe. Next time sure got time to take one. Lol.


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