Saturday, August 7, 2010

Kampar Stupid Fun Fair.

This is the most stupidest fun fair i ever go to. Right Leeyen, Shana and Clyde ? 

I got a car on that particular night. Hehehe i get to drive around. Thanks to WeiJie for lending his car for me for the whole half day. :) Thank you so much for putting a big trust on me. :)

We went to the Fun Fair and guess what, it's so fucking expensive but then it's lame. Every ride cost around 2 tokens, which means it's RM4 , a token RM2. -.- 

We tried the stupid haunted house, with us sitting in a train. And that's a very stupid decision we made. Grr. 
Wasted RM4 on that stupid ride of stupid house. Grr. But we enjoyed playing the bumper car. Hahah we made it as we were playing Flat Out 2 , the derby crash car ! HAHAHAHA. We crash till Clyde's car can't even move at all. HAHAHAHA. 

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